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we deliver content.

Creative Agent is a content development company that believes in the power of storytelling to create meaningful experiences.  We develop stories and figure out how they're best told. Digital or hard copy? With text? With audio? With video? With images? Or a combination of these?

Then we bring them to life.


What we do

What we do

Creative Agent combines its in-house skills (editorial, research, writing and production management) with a team of external media professionals (video, audio, photography, illustration, graphic design) to deliver great content across any platform. We analyse, research, craft, create, manage and deliver using our finely honed journalistic and production management skills. We collaborate with good people to produce text, video, audio, photography, illustrations and more. 

what we do.


Consumers aren't dumb. They know when you're trying to sell them something. Content marketing is the art of communicating without selling. It works like this: you give people content they value and they give you back love and loyalty. Big global companies like Coca-Cola and Four Seasons Hotels have shifted to the content marketing model. Red Bull does it most famously and arguably, best. We can help you look at how this approach can benefit your business and how to make it happen.


If you've got stories to tell, we can bring them to life. We analyse the ideas and look at different formats for getting them out there. Then we produce them.


Maybe you already know exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it. Now there's a million small details to organise and execute before it actually exists. This is where we come in.


Do you have an idea for a project but don't have the time or capability to pull it off? Hand it over. We'll give it the attention it needs to become real.


A journalistic eye across your potential stories. Good content resonates with its audience. We develop ideas and angles and analyse their potential.


content plans

Who are you talking to and what do they need to know? We start there and then map out all the content you'll need - for web, print, social media or direct marketing.


Crafted copy is the simplest form of storytelling. But sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Or an illustration, or an infographic. It's all part of the content delivery.

Digital content.

Website copy, blog posts, white papers, e-books, social media posts, videos, podcasts...these are just some of the digital content tools you can use to engage your audience.


If your audience is driving or walking, audio will be the best content delivery system. Other stories are only properly told with video, which can deliver big, cohesive ideas in a short amount of time.


Print is not dead. It's tactile. It's permanent. And sometimes it's the only way to do an idea justice.



who we are /////

Content strategist and production manager joining forces to get sh*t done.

who we are /////

Content strategist and production manager joining forces to get sh*t done.


KRis herbert

content director

Kris has 20 years experience as a journalist and 10 years experience in marketing communications. She is an award-winning science writer and has written about everything from hard science to soft toys. Kris's superpower is x-ray vision - being able to see through jargon and other bullshit to the heart of the story. Kris is fascinated by how the digital world is changing journalism and other means of storytelling. A long-suffering idealist, Kris thinks that maybe by helping people have better experiences through storytelling, she can make the world a better place. 

vanessa puddy

production director

Vanessa is a content developer, stylist and production manager. Vanessa has managed projects across all sorts of media - from a whole stable of magazines to complex overseas photo and video shoots. Vanessa's super-power is foresight. She can see potential problems a mile away and knows how to design a production plan with no holes. Vanessa has a sharp eye for detail and knows how to put the work in early to avoid hiccups when the expensive equipment is out. The result is happy creatives, happy talent, and a brilliant piece of content.

who we've worked with ////

who we've worked with ////

Book a workshop ////

Book a workshop ////

A focused workshop is a great way to Get your whole team in the same room - and on the same page. We dig deep into your story, unearth your biggest content opportunities and have loads of fun along the way.

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Start with the story

A workshop designed for start-ups or new businesses that mixes brand strategy and content strategy in to a quick-fire day that will help clarify your purpose, define your audience and craft your story so that you can go forth with clear head and list of content ideas.


Creative problem solving

A fun, team-building workshop designed to drown same-old thinking and unblock the sticky stuff that clogs our path to innovation. You'll gain a toolbox of simple exercises that you can whip out whenever you need more ideas or better ideas. Because looking at the practices of the most creative minds in history, we can see that creativity does not strike from the blue but is the result of a process that anyone can learn.

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story strategy

Content strategy doesn't go far enough. To make an impact in our crowded world, we need rich storytelling that links back to our purpose and our business goals. Using those stories in a strategic way is what gets reach, cut through, loyalty and trust - the metrics that every successful business should be striving for.